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Your personal tailor-made scarf in a few easy steps

  1. Select one of the fabrics below.

  2. Select one of the two sizes.

  3. Choose whether you want the luxury gift packaging.

  4. Fill in the order form and we print your unique scarf.


Choose one of the two formats

  1. 65-200 cm a long narrow scarf that falls smoothly and can be draped well.

  2. 130-200 cm a long wide scarf that falls full around the neck.


Desired package 

You have the option to choose a regular or premium de luxe package.

Regular: for 5.00 euros per scarf, it will be sent in a sturdy envelope.

Premium de luxe:  for 20.00 euros the scarf will be sent in a luxurious black gift box

and provided with a photo print of the original photo, and you can personalize the text.

Choose one of the following Fabrics:

1.Silk Satin 7.5m/m

A lightweight fabric composed of a blend of silk and satin. The fabric falls smoothly and feels soft.

The surface shines and the fabric is wonderfully airy, which is why it is often used for summer scarves. 

The photo is clearly visible on both sides because the fabric is transparent. 

Cost scarf narrow 65-200 cm regular: 79.00 euros. Premium deluxe: 99.00 euros.

Cost scarf wide 130-200 cm regular: 109.00 euros. Premium deluxe: 129.00 euros.


2. Silk crepe de chine 

The scarf is made of super soft silk crepe de chine. A shiny fabric with a subtle structure. made of 100% silk and is very suitable for all seasons. The somewhat fragile fabric  falls smoothly and is transparent so that the photo is clearly visible on both sides. The fabric is especially suitable for larger format scarves (130-200 cm). If you prefer a thin, narrow scarf that falls smoothly, the narrow version is recommended, but not all photos are suitable to crop and the effect of the photo can become less nice. But offcourse this could always be discussed.


Cost scarf narrow 65-200 cm regular: 89.00 euros. Premium de luxe: 109.00 euros.

Cost scarf wide 130-200 cm regular: 129.00 euros. Premium deluxe: 149.00 euros.

3. Cotton Marino 

A softly shiny fabric of  100% GOTS* cotton, which feels silky soft, supple and warm due to the finely combed yarns. The photo is clearly visible on both sides on this lightweight, transparent fabric. In both sizes, the scarf has sufficient volume that it falls nicely. The material can be worn in both summer and winter. This fabric is also often used as pareo. 


Cost scarf narrow 65-200  cm regular: 69.00 euros. Premium de luxe: 89.00 euros.

Cost scarf wide 130-200 cm regular: 99.00 euros. Premium de luxe: 119.00 euros.

The finish

The scarf is finished all around with a narrow stitching edge and a label'from Helen'.

Delivery time

Because the scarf is printed especially for you, the delivery time is around 5 weeks.

* GOTS quality mark (Global Organic Textile Standard) stands for organically grown fabrics that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. No chemicals, sustainable energy supply, safe working conditions and control of the entire chain. An independent organization monitors compliance with the requirements.


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